F1 drivers will not be wearing ‘end racism’ t-shirts for 2021 season

F1 drivers will not be wearing 'end racism' t-shirts for 2021 season

As a result of worldwide demonstrations against racism, Formula 1 also decided to make a statement in 2020. All drivers appeared on the grid prior to each Grand Prix wearing an ‘End Racism’ T-shirt to draw attention to this problem. Formula 1 also started to focus more on diversity, something they will continue to do in 2021. However, the wearing of the now familiar T-shirts that we saw frequently in 2020 is off the table this year.

Last season the wearing of the shirt was often accompanied by a moment of kneeling on the asphalt. Every driver was free to do so and also in 2021 Formula 1 will use the moment before the Grand Prix to ask for attention for social issues. This year the approach will be different.

This year all drivers will gather just before the race on the ‘WeRaceAsOne’-banner. This is to draw attention to diversity, inclusiveness and sustainability. As this is broader than just diversity and inclusiveness, the rainbow colours will no longer be shown. During this moment it is free to the drivers to make a gesture if they see fit. They will stand there in their own overalls this year, without specific clothing or anything.

A representative of Formula 1 says at The Telegraph: “The whole of Formula 1 is united in its support for ‘WeRaceAsOne’ and the drivers will all show their own support for the initiative ahead of the grand prix. The drivers will be free to show their commitment in their own way before the race and there will be no requirement for them to make a specific gesture.

“The important thing is all of them being together in full support of our initiatives on sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and community,” a representative said.

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