The weather seems to be an important factor in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix that is about to start. Dutch reporter Olav Mol explains to Ziggo Sport that there are showers over the circuit, but so far the rain has failed to materialise. The situation is being closely monitored by the F1 teams.

“I think it’s again the way we are in it with the game. It could go either way. There’s a shower over the track and some drops. There’s enough hanging around the circuit. I don’t expect rain tyres to be used, but if one of those clouds releases some water, then it will really rain,” Mol explained as he looked to see if there were any dark clouds hanging over the circuit.

The blue sky of the morning has been exchanged for clouds and on the radar we can also see some clouds. With a lot of rain Mol estimates that the rain tyres will be brought out of the cupboard.”Then there’s a chance that we’ll end up on intermediates. If it stays like this they won’t be bothered. It’s exciting to see whether it will happen and it will add an extra dimension to the race”, says Mol.

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