Drive to Survive season three is now available on Netflix. The camera crews have had the chance to go behind the scenes of Formula 1 for another year, and the result is some great footage.

The first two seasons of Drive to Survive gave Formula 1 fans their first look behind the scenes of the sport. On race day itself, the focus is usually on the people at the front, but Drive to Survive got a good look at the underdogs. For example, what’s the story of Haas?

In season two, Mercedes and Ferrari finally came into the picture where they had avoided competing in the first season. In season three, all teams are on show again. There are again ten episodes lasting between 30 and 45 minutes and they are titled as follows:

  1. It’s all about money: Preparing for the season
  2. Back on the track: The start of the season
  3. Second fiddle: Focus on Valtteri Bottas
  4. We need to talk about Ferrari: Dramatic season at Ferrari
  5. The end of a relationship: Ricciardo away at Renault
  6. The comeback: Pierre Gasly hits back
  7. Guenthe’s choice: Haas line-up for 2021
  8. No regrets: Sainz to Ferrari
  9. On fire: Grosjean crash
  10. To the end: End of the season

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