Daniel Ricciardo to be included in F1 23 game

Daniel Ricciardo to be included in F1 23 game

Codemasters has officially announced that AlphaTauri driver Daniel Ricciardo will soon return in F1 23.

Daniel Ricciardo’s unexpected return is currently one of the most talked-about topics in Formula 1. The Australian driver began the 2023 season as a Red Bull reserve driver after cutting ties with McLaren the previous season.

Ricciardo secured a drive with AlphaTauri after replacing Nyck de Vries in an unexpected lineup change mid-season. Welcome to the harsh Formula 1 world.

Fans are speculating on if Ricciardo will feature in F1 23 now that he is back behind the wheel. Now that we have official confirmation from Codemasters, there is no longer any reason to be confused about the Honey Badger’s pending return in the game.

We spoke with Lee Mather, the creative director of F1 23 during our conversation with Codemasters to learn more about the game’s future.

“We have every intention to bring Daniel Ricciardo back into the game,” Mather said. “We’re going through the process of getting the reference together and building the assets.

“We’ll be bringing Daniel back into the series as soon as we can at the earliest convenience.”

Whether Daniel Ricciardo would be included in the My Team and Career modes of F1 23 was one of the topics that came up. Finally Mather revealed the Good news after he stated players will be able to take to the track as Daniel Ricciardo racing under AlphaTauri in a future update.

It is still uncertain precisely when he will return to F1 23. This weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix will mark Ricciardo’s return to professional racing with AlphaTauri.

Codemasters will need to design his race suit and car livery for F1 23 because his return was just recently made public. Mather promises that they are going to fix this as quickly as they can.

Although the exact timing is not yet known, we are glad that Ricciardo will return to the F1 grid shortly. We are eager to compete as the Honey Badger once more.

It’s also uncertain whether you’ll be allowed to enter a race with AlphaTauri as Nyck de Vries. Given that F1 23 depicts the 2023 season, at least in Career mode this seems impossible.

Given that Formula 1 evolves rapidly, new liveries, drivers, and performance changes are frequently made to cars in order to remain relevant. The F1 teams and Codemasters collaborate extensively to keep the games updated throughout the season.

“We have great relations with the teams. A lot of the teams come to us and say ‘at this race we’re planning a specific livery relating to this moment in our history would you like to include it in the game?” said Mather.

“We work with them so we both get really good exposure from it. In the past, we brought the 2023 Alfa Romeo early in F1 22 for example, so they revealed the car in the game.

“That relationship with the team means we do get access to a lot of these liveries early enough to deliver them around the same time they’re revealed to the public.”

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