Daniel Ricciardo does a shoey on The Daily Show

Daniel Ricciardo does a shoey on The Daily Show

On his journey to Florida’s Magic City, Daniel Ricciardo came by Trevor Noah’s Daily Show only a week before the inaugural Miami Grand Prix in Miami, Florida.

From the 6th to the 8th of May, Formula 1 makes its debut in Miami. It will be one of two American events on the calendar in 2022, with Las Vegas joining the list in 2023. It demonstrates that the sport is gaining popularity in the United States.

McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo paid a visit to Trevor Noah’s ‘The Daily Show’ before the race in Miami. He talked about his preparations for the debut race in Miami, as well as his thoughts on a dismal performance at Imola.

It was Ricciardo’s second appearance on Comedy Central’s famed humorous news show, and its presenter, Trevor Noah went out of his way to make the Australian feel right at home, toasting his good luck with a signature’shoey.’

“I normally don’t do this unless I’ve won,” said Ricciardo. “Least the shoes weren’t worn this time!” added the McLaren driver.

“You’ve won by being here,” Noah replied to the McLaren driver.

Ricciardo is known for doing shoeys after podium finishes in Formula 1. It entails sipping champagne from one’s own footwear. Noah made sure he had the goods ready as soon as the Aussie walked onto the stage.

Ricciardo spoke up about taking responsibility for the incident with Sainz on the first lap and what it was like walking to the Ferrari motorhome to apologise after the race in Imola last weekend.

“I hated every second of that apology,” he joked.

The 32-year-old enjoys being in America, whether it’s trying out American football or pretending to be a cowboy. The Honey Badger, one of the most popular drivers on the other side of the Atlantic, claimed that the US Grand Prix is his favourite event of the year.

“I swear I have some DNA, like Texan DNA, in me or something, I don’t know,” Ricciardo said. “I love it!”

Many of the Honey Badger’s supporters hope the gesture was a warm-up for next week’s race, where a Ricciardo victory and a shoey wouldn’t be a terrible way to start Miami’s Formula 1 story.

Ricciardo has had a difficult start to 2022. With only 11 points, he’s in 11th place in the Drivers’ Championship. The honey badger will be aiming to pick up speed and do a shoey on an F1 podium shortly!

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