Danica Patrick criticized after appearance in Drive to Survive Season 6

Danica Patrick criticized after appearance in Drive to Survive Season 6

Danica Patrick is receiving harsh criticism online after making an appearance in Netflix’s Formula 1 Drive to Survive Season 6.

Former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick’s involvement in F1 Drive to Survive Season 6 has left fans unimpressed as the 41-year-old is now a pundit on the Netflix documentary series following her success as an IndyCar and stock car racer.

The sixth season of the popular Netflix series Drive to Survive premiered earlier this week and the new character joined the show in the midst of all the drama that unfolds behind the scenes.

Danica Patrick, who has gained notoriety for her controversial statements, will be seen voicing her opinion in the latest installment of the series. However, it doesn’t seem like her appearance on the show is all that popular with fans with some even going so far as to “turn off their television” after watching her.

Season 6 premiered with a segment featuring her discussing several aspects of 2023 F1 and said she understood the feelings a driver has at the onset of the season.

Fans resorted to social media to vent their feelings following her appearance. One fan joked that they had a jumpscare.

“Why did nobody prepare me for the jumpscare of Danica being in DTS,” the fan wrote.

Some viewers focused on specific episodes to convey their disappointment. She was specifically criticized in a scene where she was openly negative to Lewis Hamilton.

At this point, opinions on Drive to Survive have been divided. Many people are relieved that Red Bull’s dominance—which was all that was evident in terms of action in 2023—is not the show’s main focus. Rather, the show brings in a number of people, including Patrick, to discuss other incidents that happened, mostly behind the scenes.

Sky Sports brought Danica Patrick on board to join their broadcast crew for the 2021 United States Grand Prix as the sport’s appeal increased in the US. The media outlet confirmed that she will be a member of the presenting crew for the 2024 season.

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