The sponsorship deal that got Ferrari into trouble in 2019 may make a return on the 2021 Scuderia car, a spokesman for the company in question has revealed.

In 2018, the Mission Winnow logo was on several areas of the Ferrari, as well as on the outfits of its drivers. However, criticism followed, as Mission Winnow is an initiative of tobacco giant Philip Morris International, and tobacco advertising is not allowed on an F1 car.

Tomasso di Giovanni, a spokesman for Philip Morris International, told that the Mission Winnow logo may return to the Scuderia starting in 2021. Di Giovanni states that Mission Winnow “is not meant to ‘promote’ any product or brand … [but] to encourage dialogue around positive change; our own and that of others.” In this way, di Giovanni argues that PMI and Mission Winnow should be considered as separate, thus legitimizing the sponsorship deal.

Di Giovanni continued: “Through Mission Winnow, we want to let the world know how we have changed; to share our pride in the transformation that the people of PMI have achieved and continue to work for.”

However, di Giovanni also confessed that the sponsorship deal between Mission Winnow and Ferrari is dependent on regulations in the countries where racing will take place. “Decisions about our approach to single events or races are based on a number of factors, including but not limited to regulations in place in the country and the environment in which the race takes place. We will announce plans for the next season and specific races in due course,” said di Giovanni.

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