Contract negotiations for Hamilton are only about money

Contract negotiations for Hamilton are only about money

Lewis Hamilton has still not signed a contract for 2021. According to former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger, the negotiations are only about one subject, and that is money.

After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Toto Wolff and Hamilton indicated that they would finally sit down to negotiate his contract. Berger tells ServusTV that according to him Wolff is in a good position, because of the good performance of George Russell in the Mercedes. He can therefore ask Hamilton to lower his demands.

“Hamilton is eaten away by ambition. He sent messages all weekend when he couldn’t drive. But he didn’t write a single congratulation to Russell. He wants to dominate and play the main role. But Russell has already shown what he can do with a Williams as well,” says the Austrian.

In addition to the current world champion’s contract, there is a lot to do about the seat next to Hamilton. Bottas would be under pressure, but the Finn has a contract for 2021. “Contracts must be kept and as far as I know, Bottas has a contract for 2021. They have committed already to going into the future with him,” says Berger.

The ten-time Formula 1 winner concludes: “Bottas doesn’t have the speed of Russell. I don’t know whether they can decide behind the scenes to take a different route.”

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