Consultants propose a possible F1 return to London

Consultants propose a possible F1 return to London

A possible concept hinting the return of F1 to the streets of London was put out that makes extensive use of the district’s existing roadways and includes lots of straights and chicanes.

According to a suggestion made by experts working on a redevelopment of the area, London’s Royal Docks makeover might incorporate a street circuit capable of holding Formula 1 Grands Prix.

The Royal Docks, which are located in the eastern part of the UK’s capital city across from London City Airport, are being transformed by the consultant and design firm Dar and the LDN Collective into a “globally-recognized waterfront destination with a focus on sports, leisure, and entertainment.”

The present Royal Victoria and Albert Dock, which spans two kilometers, would be widened as part of the group’s proposal in order to provide room for communal and wellness facilities. They would be situated atop a transient track surface that could be unveiled, used, and then covered in a brief time frame.

Grandstands and other related components needed for a sporting event would be installed on floating modules that would be placed on the water, and the remaining months of the year, they would be used for community programs in the area.

A possible concept was put out that makes extensive use of the district’s existing roadways and includes lots of straights and chicanes. Also, the proposed circuit would benefit from ExCeL London, a sizable events and exhibition facility with recent motorsport experiences.

“We are excited to bring forward this vision which could do for the Royal Docks what the Olympics did for Stratford and the Lea Valley,” said LDN Collective CEO Max Farrell. “By extending the promenade we are creating a flexible eventscape and by creating floating commercial uses we are making the proposal financially viable and deliverable, without the taxpayer footing the bill.”

“We know that Formula 1 is interested in hosting a Grand Prix here and we have designed a track that meets all of their requirements and regulations.”

“We have discussed the proposals with the GLA [Greater London Authority], who are developing a water strategy and planning framework with Newham Council, which we will align with.”

“With or without F1, these proposals are transformational and would be a huge boost to London and the UK globally.”

Since 2021, London’s Formula E event has been held in the ExCeL. The cutting-edge pits and paddock area, along with the start/finish line and a few turns, are inside the sizable building, and the remaining track winds its way around the complex.

The present proposals are still in the early stages, and it is believed that any definite proposal won’t become a reality for several more years, if ever.

Although there have been sporadic suggestions and concepts for a Formula 1 Grand Prix in London, they have never been taken seriously due to  unrealistic plans in places where the disruption would be too great.

Formula 1 cars have occasionally reverberated throughout downtown London in the past, the recent F1 event happening in 2017 when a section of Whitehall was closed for a demonstration run in the lead-up to the British GP that year.

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