Christian Horner spotted at Red Bull’s secret filming session

Christian Horner spotted at Red Bull's secret filming session

Christian Horner was recently spotted at a secret filming session for Red Bull’s new 2024 F1 car while the investigation into the claims of inappropriate behaviour against him is ongoing.

Red Bull F1 team principal Christian Horner showed up at a Red Bull test run just a few days following his battle to keep his job amid a legal grilling as the investigation into the claims of inappropriate behaviour against him is ongoing.

Horner was questioned last Friday by an independent investigator Red Bull engaged in response to the accusation made by a female employee. Horner vehemently refuted the allegations, and continues to serve as the team principal at the moment.

Red Bull is making preparations for the unveiling of their new car on Thursday after the squad won the constructor’s title for the second time in a row last season. The team used Tuesday as an opportunity to test their new car during a shakedown filming day at Silverstone.

Teams are permitted to use two of those filming days annually to record films of their cars in motion. During the shakedown, Sergio Perez and reigning champion Max Verstappen both piloted the RB20.

Additionally, Horner was apparently spotted at the British Grand Prix’s home, according to The Sun. While Horner’s career is in jeopardy, reports claim he was laughing with fellow team members as they went over pictures and videos from the day of filming.

Besides that, he is anticipated to attend the season launch event on Thursday at their Milton Keynes headquarters. It’s unclear at this point if he will remain in his role once preseason testing kicks off in Bahrain on Wednesday.

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Although Horner strongly denies the accusations, the parent company of the Red Bull Racing Team is taking the matter seriously. Horner has been the team principal since 2005.

The investigator that Red Bull engaged to deal with the investigation questioned Horner extensively during a hearing that was held last Friday as the team boss also appointed a legal team of his own.

It is anticipated that the investigator will examine the evidence for some time before reporting his conclusions and suggestions to Red Bull. After that, the parent company will determine whether or not to take any action.

Despite the fact that Horner has overseen the team’s enormous success, F1 insiders have indicated they do not expect him to survive in the job. A source disclosed to The Sun Horner has not requested to be let go, has not asked to resign, and has not been fired.

“This is not a trial and we are not going to have an answer and an outcome by the end of the day,” the insider said. “This is not something that is going to be rectified that quickly. People are expecting this to be over before the start of the F1 season, but that just isn’t going to happen.”

Geri Halliwell is standing by Horner, and has reportedly told friends he will clear his name and come through this.

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