The 2021 Australian Grand Prix has been postponed again. This time the race in Melbourne seems to return on the calendar and that is a good thing. The organisation and the state suffered huge losses in 2020.

The Australian Grand Prix has been the starting point of the Formula One season for many years and it would be the same in 2020. However, the coronavirus was around the corner and that jeopardised the race. Formula 1 was going anyway, so everything had to be prepared for the start of the race weekend.

The fact that the race was cancelled after all cost the government a whopping €25 million, according to The costs are only a third of those incurred in 2019, but now there was hardly any income from marketing and spectator tickets were also reimbursed.

A heavy blow for the organisation, which had just managed to attract a record number of visitors to the race. Because the circuit already had to be made ready, the organisation paid 31 million euro just to make the circuit ready. The organisation was hit even harder by the cancellation of the MotoGP race.

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