Bubba Wallace mocks Kyle Larson for using a racial slur that resulted in suspension

Bubba Wallace mocks Kyle Larson for using a racial slur that resulted in suspension

Bubba Wallace mocked Kyle Larson over the weekend for using a racial slur that resulted in a lengthy suspension during his 2020 campaign.

In NASCAR, drivers often joke about with one another just as much as they do when they’re racing. Hendrick Motorsports’ Kyle Larson and 23XI Racing’s Bubba Wallace recently engaged in a humorous banter on X (formerly Twitter).

Larson faced suspension from NASCAR following his use of a racial slur during an iRacing contest in 2020. By using public live feeds, Larson accidentally uttered the derogatory phrase with all race participants and viewers, despite the fact that he was attempting to deliver a private message.

As a result, he received an indefinite suspension from NASCAR and lost all sponsorship and manufacturer backing along with his ties with Chip Ganassi Racing.

Larson’s return to racing officially started on January 1, 2021, after NASCAR reinstated him in October 2020. Later in 2021, Larson signed with HMS and had a breakthrough season in which he won ten races and eventually won the NASCAR Cup Series championship.

Larson tweeted about iRacing, a hugely popular online racing simulation game on Friday and he was fully aware of the reactions he would receive, of course.

“Who would be generous enough to donate some fast @iRacing setups? I’m slow so need all the help I can get…(Queue up the jokes, I’m sure I know which ones are coming..),” he wrote.

The jokes started rolling in and Larson even appeared to acknowledge them. However, Wallace’s comment was probably not what he was expecting.

“2025 cup champion right here,” was a reference to the possibility that Larson would receive another suspension for using a racial slur in 2024 before rising to success the following year.

The NASCAR community was buzzing after the encounter which sparked several fan reactions.

Both of the drivers have a common on-track history following a heated altercation at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Wallace attempted to confront Larson after a collision which resulted in a physical brawl.

Larson defensively lifted his arms to stop the fight from getting more detrimental, but Wallace was able to strike him several times before NASCAR safety officials stepped in.

Wallace stood by Larson during his suspension despite their past on-track disputes, demonstrating compassion and hope for the sport’s revival. Their continued friendship, as evidenced by their recent banter, shows resilience in the face of adversity.

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