Brundle to Verstappen: Hamilton rarely makes mistakes

Brundle to Verstappen: Hamilton rarely makes mistakes

Red Bull Racing impressed everyone during the winter test in Bahrain. Martin Brundle sees opportunities for Max Verstappen, but also states that a flawless year is needed to beat Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton.

Formula 1 has been dominated by Mercedes for the past seven years, but after the winter test in Bahrain there finally seems to be hope for an exciting season again. Red Bull Racing seems to be in it after coming very close to Mercedes at the end of 2020. The question is, will Mercedes pull their weight or will it be a fun season?

”They have obviously found something with their car, they had a great test. Max looks as lean and as mean as I have seen him, Sergio looks relaxed and comfortable, they had a wonderful test. Unless Mercedes were carrying heavy fuel with the engine on a very low mode and they were having a laugh with us all, it does appear to be game on with Red Bull”, Brundle said opposite The Guardian.

Red Bull’s last title dates back to 2013, but the former Formula One driver has no doubts about the organisation’s ability. ”They can match Mercedes operationally because they are a mighty team. If they have reliability, particularly from the power unit, I have no doubt that Red Bull know how to deliver a championship campaign.” Yet Brundle also points to the danger of Mercedes.

”If Lewis is happy and focused and with the might of Mercedes that is still the combo to beat. Max would have to make sure he makes no mistakes because Lewis very rarely makes a mistake. Red Bull will have to hook everything up to beat them,” the Sky Sports reporter concludes.

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