Aston Martin launch the stunning AMR22

Aston Martin launch the stunning AMR22

The AMR22, Aston Martin’s Formula One car for 2022, was presented at a launch event at the global headquarters of Aston Martin Lagonda in the United Kingdom.

Aston Martin has become the latest Formula One team to reveal their all-new car ahead of the 2022 season.  After Haas and Red Bull, Aston Martin is the third team to reveal its innovative car.

On Thursday afternoon, Aston Martin unveiled its new championship contender, which features a number of changes to its distinctive green paint. The AMR22, like its rivals, has a new aerodynamic shape and new 18-inch tyres, all in an effort to make F1 more competitive and better overtaking.

Unlike Red Bull, which unveiled a concept car on their Wednesday launch, Aston Martin unveiled a car that is closer to what will be seen in the first race in the Bahrain pre-season test.

The AMR22’s livery is more aggressive than that of its 2021 forerunner, with lime detailing added to a revised version of last year’s dark green color scheme.

Along with title sponsor Cognizant’s branding on the sidepods, wings, and chassis, new logos emerge to herald the debut of key sponsor Aramco, as well as Peroni, SentinelOne, JCB, and

Aston Martin has retained four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel alongside Lance Stroll who were Present on the factory production line team launch joined by team owner Lawrence Stroll.

Speaking at the launch, team chairman Lawrence Stroll said: “We are continuing our journey to the summit of Formula 1 and we want to win.

“But we know that winning isn’t easy, that’s why we have a five-year journey and a plan to keep climbing and to get to the top.

“To win in Formula 1, everything has to be just in the right place and a lot of moving parts have come together.

“The sport is constantly evolving and unless you evolve with it, you’ll be left behind.

“We are going to do it as a team, because it takes the power of a team to be successful in Formula 1.”

On Friday, the team will perform a shakedown, sending its two drivers to Silverstone for a filming day with the AMR22. Every team is allowed two of these days each year, with many electing to use one for a shakedown of their new F1 cars.

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