Andretti closing in on FIA approval but faces F1 opposition

Andretti closing in on FIA approval but faces F1 opposition

According to reports, Andretti is “close” to receiving FIA approval to enter the Formula 1 grid, but other significant players are bound to object.

Since they originally announced their intentions at the beginning of last year, Andretti is the most well-known of the many teams that are fighting behind the scenes to secure a Formula 1 slot.

However, they have encountered a number of challenges, most among which having the Formula 1’s apparent unwillingness to accept new teams to join the grid.

Of the two sports regulatory bodies, the FIA has been the most transparent. They launched an Expression of Interest procedure earlier this year, which was intended to be a precursor to getting onto the grid for prospective entries.

Many teams are said to have gone through that method and are currently awaiting the decision on whether they have met the FIA’s requirements.

Sky Sports F1 correspondent Ted Kravitz claimed that Andretti were “close” to receiving approval from the Parisian body after the Italian Grand Prix.

“To update you on what’s going on with the other potential new teams in Formula 1,” Kravitz said. “If you don’t know the story, the FIA invited applications for new teams.

“The word in the paddock is that Andretti Global, backed up with General Motors’ Cadillac brand, are close to being approved by the FIA.”

However, regardless of FIA clearance which it is just one barrier overcome; the next, more challenging task is persuading Formula One Management.

“All the other teams in Formula 1, F1 president Stefano Domenicali and Formula 1 on the commercial side have said that they are not going to allow them in,” Kravitz explained.

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“They don’t think there’s space in the Concorde Agreement.

“They’re not going to enter into negotiations to allow another team in so that’s a story to watch.”

Hitech Grand Prix, based in Silverstone, is another outfit vying for a slot on the Formula 1 grid and is hoping to succeed in the FIA test as well.

“Whether it is only Andretti Global that’s going to be allowed in,” Kravitz added. “Or whether Hitech Grand Prix led by Oliver Oakes is going to be approved by the FIA then that’s going to reach a stumbling block because Formula 1 and the other teams don’t want to let them in.

“That’s a story that’s going to run and run.”

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