Renault has presented a new plan for the future and an important part of that plan is the Alpine Formula 1 project. The first images of the new livery now appear online.

In 2021, Renault will no longer be at the start of the Formula 1 season, but it will be Alpine F1 that will have to uphold the honour of the French manufacturer. On Thursday morning, Renault already presented the new plan for the future, where Alpine will have to provide innovative sports cars for the highest segment.

For those who hoped for a blue car that reminded of the time Fernando Alonso won with Renault, there is disappointing news. The 2021 car will remain predominantly black, but there are blue accents, in the French flag that is visible on the car. Whether the model shown by Formula 1 journalist, Thomas Maher, will actually become the livery or whether this is a first concept by Alpine, is not yet clear.

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