Alpine celebrates Pride Month with a rainbow themed livery

Alpine celebrates Pride Month with a rainbow themed livery

Alpine is celebrating Pride Month by placing rainbow branding on the engine covers of the A522, as well as announcing a partnership with Racing Pride.

The team, which is now ranking sixth in Formula 1 constructors standings says it is collaborating with Racing Pride to “understand the problems encountered by the LGBTQ+ community inside the sport.”

It stated that the majority of employees felt respected, valued, and appreciated in the workplace, but that others ‘recognised a male-dominated heritage culture with a strong culture of banter’ in a staff poll done at the end of 2021. As a result, Alpine claims to have put in place steps to combat this, as well as a diversity and inclusion committee.

“For so long, motorsport has not been representative of the diversity we see in wider society,” said Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi. “There are various reasons, but we need to look forward and challenge the biases we see. Our journey starts here.”

“The LGBTQ+ community has lacked visible representation and support within our industry, and we need to change this.”

“We want Alpine to be an open, inclusive and productive place to work and for our employees to feel happy and supported in their workplace.”

“A happy environment gives greater creativity and that is exactly what we need to foster as we move forward,” he added. “To do so, we need to fully understand the challenges some of the under-represented groups in motorsport face.”

“Pride Month is a good place to start; we know that we need to do more to give this community a voice and representation.”

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