AlphaTauri announced during the winter that Marco Perrone would be moving from his job as Head of Strategy to a new role as Head of Sporting Direction.

Scuderia AlphaTauri announced during the winter that Marco Perrone would be moving from his job as Head of Strategy to a new role as Head of Sporting Direction, and he is grateful for the experiences he has had with the team since graduating from university.

Perrone, who has been with the company for fourteen years, says his new role is’very important’ and a ‘wonderful opportunity’ for him, speaking during the release of AlphaTauri’s 2022 competitor, the AT03.

“The short answer is because I love this team… that’s the main reason,” said Perrone.

“It has given me great possibilities… I started here straight from university in 2008, working as a mechanical engineer in R&D.”

“After that, the team gave me a lot of opportunities year after year. It’s a great challenge to be able to help the team in what is a complicated set of tasks,” he continued.

“It’s an important part of this game and also, within these tough tasks, I would say that there are a lot of opportunities to show how good we can be in several areas, such as car preparation and pit stops for example.”

“Also, part of the team’s image stems from our preparation and discipline. Therefore, I think it’s a very important role and that’s why I thought that it was a great opportunity to take on.”

Perrone claims that the pit wall staff has always worked well together, and despite his new responsibility, he does not expect that to change. He also sees the value of his previous experience as Head of Strategy in his new post.

On the pit wall we have always worked as a team and we had shared conversations across the people present,” he said.

“Therefore, I think that I will still be in the loop relating to strategy activities.”

“Having a strategy background is useful partly in terms of understanding the Sporting Regulations, and also in being able to see how the situation is evolving and passing this information into the garage.”

“So, I see it as an advantage to have a strategy background with this role.”

Perrone claims that he already had a decent understanding of Formula 1’s new Sporting Regulations, but that his new position has made him more aware of the finer points. He also believes that it will take time to figure out what has changed in the lead-up to the new season.

“The devil is in the detail,” added Perrone.

“A lot of details that I did not have to take very much into account in my previous role are now of paramount importance, so I would say that my previous job helped me to have a fairly good introduction to the Sporting Regulations.”

“But then there are a lot of other points that need an extra look.”

“I think we need some time to clearly understand the effect of the new Sporting and Technical Regulations, and adapt our workload accordingly.”

“I believe that we will start the season working in the same way as we were last year and then we’ll see where we are.”

“So the team will still arrive at the track at the same time as in 2021, but we definitely need to have a look at what we can do in terms of how long we spend at the track.”

“The Sporting Directors from all the teams are still discussing the format details, but a new set of Sporting Regulations should be released soon with all these changes.”

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