All smiles as Daniel Ricciardo drives an F1 car on the Australian outback

All smiles as Daniel Ricciardo drives an F1 car on the Australian outback

Daniel Ricciardo retakes the wheel of a Red Bull for the first time in a while.

Daniel Ricciardo is back driving a Red Bull Formula 1 car after several months of anticipation. However, it’s not the RB19 driven by Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, but rather the RB7 that Danny Ric claims to have at his Australian ranch.

Ricciardo never raced the RB7 but Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel operated the car during the 2011 season and with it, Vettel won his second world championship, and he gave his favorite chassis the name Kinky Kylie.

Hannah Schmitz, chief strategy engineer at Red Bull Racing and arguably the best strategist on the grid, is also included in the video. Although though RB7 has a 2.4-liter V8 and a KERS system and basically nothing in common with cars competing in the hybrid era, Danny and Hannah are giving the vehicle a shakedown in order to be ready for the upcoming Australian Grand Prix.

However we make the decision not to see these events with pessimism. Including numerous of the nation’s most well-known sporting figures, it might be considered a love letter to Australia.

Even if Red Bull’s off-road racing truck makes an appearance, it can’t match the 750 horsepower, 18,000 rpm V8’s performance.

Our favorite scene features the RB7 competing against a V8 Supercar with an added Chevrolet Camaro body. For a while, Ricciardo plays with the vehicle around Bathurst, but all he needs to do is slightly flex his right foot, and the Camaro is left in his wake. The velocity disparity is astounding.

Why aren’t Verstappen or Checo here? To put it simply, Verstappen is terrible at promotions. The images that resulted from Honda using him to sell the Honda e gave the impression that the sad tiny electric car had insulted the boy’s mother.

Moreover, why do you suppose Daniel Ricciardo joined Red Bull? Despite not being a reserve driver, he is the third driver in officially. Liam Lawson, Zane Maloney, and Dennis Hauger will act as Red Bull and AlphaTauri’s backup drivers for the 2023 campaign.

Danny Ric gets behind the wheel of a Red Bull for the second time. Then there is much grinning.

Red Bull hired Daniel Ricciardo because everyone adores him and RB is in urgent need of affection. The two leading drivers appear to be at odds with one another, with Sergio Perez wanting the championship more than ever. Verstappen doesn’t have a reputation for slowing down for anyone.

Daniel Ricciardo is indeed paid for all the fun activities, and even though he hasn’t competed this season, he will still be tied for first place in the 2023 standings with his former team.

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