Alex Rins to undergo surgery after brutal Dutch MotoGP crash

Alex Rins set to undergo surgery after brutal Dutch MotoGP crash

Alex Rins crashed hard just after the start of the Dutch MotoGP race at turn one sustaining serious injuries that require surgery.

Alex Rins suffered a brutal highside at Turn 1 which ended his Dutch MotoGP race and resulted in three fractures, for which he will undergo surgery as soon as possible.

The Yamaha rider was able to walk away himself, and went to the medical centre at the circuit initially. The earliest discoveries of injuries are a fracture in Rins’ right foot and a severe bruise on his right wrist.

After medical examination, the Spaniard was reported to have suffered two fractures in his right wrist, and another in his right foot, which is why he flew to Madrid to be seen by doctors he trusts and undergo additional tests.

Rins was seen during the official broadcast of Sunday’s race, with the track marshals and conscious, but the injuries were serious and required surgical intervention, and with the German GP just around the corner, it is not yet known whether he will be present, even if it is highly unlikely.

“I had a really bad crash at the start,” he said. “I’m on my way to Madrid where I will undergo further medical examinations to assess the severity of the injuries to my right hand and foot.

“I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.”

It was a miserable day for Rins which started with news that he is likely to extend his stay at Yamaha. His current contract is expiring this year but he and Yamaha managing director Lin Jarvis both told Sky Italia that they are deep into negotiations over a new deal.

Meanwhile, teammate Fabio Quartararo finished the Dutch MotoGP in 12th, exactly where he started the race. The 2021 world champion ends the weekend 12th in the MotoGP standings, and Rins 20th.

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“It’s been a difficult race today at the TT Assen” Massimo Meregalli said. “We knew, realistically speaking, that our starting positions would make it tough to make much progress.

“Fabio did well to defend his place during the first half of the race, but we can’t be satisfied with 12th position and need to keep working.

“Alex was very unlucky to have such a big crash in the first corner, especially after a decent start.

“The punishment didn’t fit the crime. He hurt his right hand and foot and will return to Madrid to consult his doctor.

“We are lucky that the injury is not worse, but he will likely still need to have surgery. We will release a further update as soon as we have more information.”

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