Albon addresses rumours of a possible Williams exit

Albon addresses rumours of a possible Williams exit

Williams driver Alex Albon considers it flattering to learn that so many teams have been connected to him for the 2025 season.

For Albon and the Williams squad, the 2023 Formula One season has been something of a dream. The Thai driver has rarely been placed outside the top 10 since completing the season’s opening race with a point-scoring result.

Like any other driver, Albon’s success has sent rumours of a potential Williams exit circling around the media and the paddock.

Williams team boss James Vowles put a three-year strategy in place and Williams and Albon are now under contract through the end of the 2024 season.

Albon chose to take on the rumors regarding his connections to Ferrari or a return to the Red Bull squad as just a “nice” thing to hear.

“The only thing that’s nice about rumours is it’s clearly showing things are going well,” the Williams driver said. “They’re nice rumours as well.”

The Williams car is undoubtedly getting closer to the levels of its past brilliance, but it is undoubtedly not ready to challenge for podium finishes or race victories just yet. With this, Albon is bringing his winning attitude to the Williams club up until the end of his contract in 2024.

“My focus is on Williams and I’m excited to see this progress and see where it’s going to take us in one, two years’ time and see from there where we are, and can we be fighting for podiums?”

Albon’s deal with Williams for 2022 meant that Red Bull still had the option of working with him in the future. Albon’s contract is set to expire at the end of 2024 but Ferrari is the team that has apparently taken the initiative to claim it.

Carlos Sainz’s likely departure for Audi would determine Albon’s future in Ferrari. However, Albon’s prospective return to his former squad at Red Bull and reclaiming his capacity to compete for victories has also been made probable by Sergio Perez’s current run of form.

It is obvious that Albon is a driver with exceptional talent who merits the opportunity to contend for podium finishes and race victories.

Albon has previously driven a podium-capable F1 car for one and a half seasons. Albon took up Pierre Gasly’s Red Bull drive during the summer break’s ‘silly season’ of 2019, a position that the Thai driver was to keep until the close of 2020.

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