Helmut Marko is demanding answers despite the FIA clearing Aston Martin of any wrongdoing with their newest enhancements amid comparisons to Red Bull’s RB18.

This comes after the FIA declared Aston Martin’s latest upgrade package legal, but now Helmut Marko has indicated that Red Bull is still looking into “certain facts” regarding the B-spec car

The AMR22’s modifications for the Spanish Grand Prix have garnered similarities to the RB18, especially in terms of the sidepods and engine cover.

The FIA launched an investigation after it was discovered that some of the features “resembled those of another rival,” and the governing body later stated that Aston Martin had been exonerated of any wrongdoing. However, Red Bull retaliated with a statement of their own, in which they expressed their continuous concern about the situation.

Christian Horner, the Red Bull boss, has expressed his displeasure with the revisions, calling them a “clone” of the RB18. Also Marko, the team advisor, is also critical of the issue and has requested explanations about a “unbelievable copy,” as he puts it.

“It must now be clarified how this unbelievable copy came about,” he told Sky Sport Germany.

“Copying is not forbidden. But you also have to take into account that seven people were poached from us and that our chief aerodynamicist was drawn to Aston Martin with a disproportionately high fee.”

Additionally, Marko has stated that Red Bull has “proof” of copying that they are currently investigating.

“There are still some facts that we are looking into. We will look into it in detail,” he added. “It’s not just Dan Fallows. There is evidence that data was downloaded.”

“Is it possible to copy without documentation and then manage such a detailed copy of our car?”

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