Andrea Dovizioso and Yamaha are clearly not a match, with the three-time MotoGP runner-up concluding he is not in a position to change anything.

Reigning MotoGP champion Fabio Quartararo tried hard to secure a home podium at Le Mans and finally fell short as Aleix Espargaro held tight for third as the other three Yamaha riders, including Dovizioso, were vying for last places among the finished runners.

Despite the fact that Dovizioso’s struggles have been a frequent theme this season, his performances have clearly become a source of concern.

Dovizioso’s form is not close to anything like the rider who pushed Marc Marquez to his limits from 2016 to 2019, but rather like a racer on the point of retiring from the premier class.

“I expected much more from last weekend,” said Dovizioso. “I’m very disappointed but it just confirms that the way to ride this bike does not match the way I ride it.”

“At this moment I’m not able to change that at all, I’m very sorry and disappointed. We move on to Mugello and see what can be done.”

On the other hand, Quartararo had the speed for a podium or perhaps a win, but was unable to push Espargaro for third, just as he had failed to attack Francesco Bangaia for the win in Jerez, since overheating the front tyre was becoming a common problem, not just for him but for all MotoGP riders in 2022.

Morbidelli believed he had the same problem in Le Mans when attempting to gain positions behind Alex Marquez and Fabio Di Giannantonio. However, he scored one point by chance because numerous riders in front of him crashed out.

“It was a difficult race because I got stuck in the pack. It was tricky to fight with the guys, and I didn’t have the perfect front feeling,” he said.

“I couldn’t make a lot of speed in the middle of the corner. In the end, we got one point, which is a trust injection.

“We saw some good things and good speed this morning on used tyres, so things are there. We just need to understand how to put them together. The task is difficult, but we can do it!”

Morbidelli’s poor performances this season have put him under pressure, and Alex Rins said after the French MotoGP that Yamaha is one of four manufacturers with whom he’s been in contact.

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