Ferrari has apparently been granted a reliability exemption that permits them to further develop their power unit, which is currently allowed for all manufacturers.

The FIA granted Ferrari a reliability exemption on their power unit, allowing them to make minor changes to its specifications.

A freeze on engine development has been imposed amid new technical requirements in the pinnacle of motorsport, with manufacturers already barred from working on the ICE. Midway through the 2022 Formula 1 season, electrical components will be frozen, but if a supplier or team requests for the reliability exception, there is still time to make developments.

Ferrari now has both of its drivers running on the same engine. Carlos Sainz had a new engine installed ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, as Charles Leclerc received his new motor for the Miami Grand Prix last weekend.

Unfortunately for Sainz, his new engine was never put to the test during an incident-filled race in Imola, while Leclerc was still beaten by Max Verstappen in Miami, despite Red Bull bringing changes to the car itself, which Ferrari will do for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Ferrari also replaced the original engines when they were just somewhat worn, but not to the point of being unworkable, so Leclerc and Sainz can continue to use their old power units throughout Friday’s practice.

This allows the team to get the most out of the current engine and avoid having to spend money on new engines in the longrun, which would be costly considering the $140 million budget the teams are working with this season. According to Auto Motor und Sport, the new engine has a different specification after the FIA allowed a modification due to worries over reliability.

Nikolas Tombazis, the head of single-seater technical matters, said at the start of the season that it was only reasonable to allow manufacturers to make changes if they were concerned about reliability, because they would be locked with the specifications until 2025.

“When we discussed introducing the freeze, we determined that, if one was in difficulty, everyone would engage in good faith to discuss how to solve the problem, perhaps allowing for some development,” Tombazis said.

“There is no interest in sentencing someone to be left behind for four years.”

Due to the budget cap, Red Bull team principal Mattia Binotto recently stated that Red Bull will have to “stop development” to cut down on their spending.

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