It seemed to be a recipe for a spectacular Sunday at the legendary circuit of Spa-Francorchamps: a rain race. Unfortunately for the fans, especially those who were present at the circuit, the race was cancelled. After Lando Norris crashed into the wall during qualifying on Saturday, the stewards and drivers didn’t dare to race on Sunday because of the spray.

According to Pierre Gasly, a solution to the problem must be found quickly. Speaking to he says: “I think we need to work on reducing the spray behind the cars, because that’s the real problem. When I looked at the medical car, of course it went at a much lower speed, but the spray is a lot less than what we do with our cars.”

“So I think that’s an area F1 needs to focus on for the next few years. If you reduce the spray and you have better visibility, okay, then the conditions can be tricky, you can have aquaplaning, you can have a lot of sliding, you can be very slow, but then it’s up to us drivers to be at the limit of the grip we have. But at least then we can see enough, because visibility was the problem on Sunday,” said the AlphaTauri driver.

The Frenchman therefore agrees with the decision not to race: “Unfortunately I don’t think any other option was possible. If a car stops on the track or crashes for any reason and there are many other cars right behind it, we know what the consequences are if a car is hit. We have seen enough terrible things here at this circuit.”

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