The cancellation of the Belgian Grand Prix was not only a disappointment for the fans and Formula 1 teams, also Vanessa Maes was very disappointed with the situation. The organiser of the event will try to find a way to give back to the fans.

Maes had been working with the team for months to keep the race going with the restrictions due to the corona measures, so she was proud of her people. However, heavy rain in recent days made it impossible to start the race this weekend, so the hard work proved to be for nothing.

“Spa GP wants to express its deepest disappointments with the result of the GP, for my team the conclusion of a year’s work in which we overcame all the obstacles,” she said in an interview with “But unfortunately the weather is something you can’t control. I have always said that the health of our public is of the utmost importance. Also the health of the riders.”

The fans along the sidelines did not get to see a race, however, so she will be looking at what she can do for them in the coming period. “In the coming days, I will discuss with Formula 1 management how we can compensate our spectators after this force majeure situation.”

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