The incident involving Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has continued to be a topic of conversation during the weekend in Hungary. On Thursday Red Bull were told that Hamilton’s penalty, ten seconds, would not be increased.

Since then the focus has returned to the track and the racing itself. ZiggoSport spoke to the main players, including Hamilton, prior to the weekend. The Brit indeed says to have spoken with the Dutchman, without really going into the content of the conversation.

“It was a respectful conversation. The goal was to check that he was ok and emphasize that we all know that the drivers never deliberately harm each other.”

The current number two in the standings also had another goal with the conversation. “I wanted to confirm the mutual respect. I think we continue to race each other hard, but fair.”

Yesterday, both men drove together again on track for the first time since the incident. Qualifying will follow today, followed by the race on Sunday. Verstappen will then want to take sporting revenge and Hamilton will try to catch up further.

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