A capacity crowd of 140,000 could attend this year British Grand Prix. But is a second race at the track on the cards for later in the year?

The crowd across the 3-day weekend coming up will be the largest sporting crowd in the UK since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Despite this positive news, there is much uncertainty as to how the second half of the calendar will look. So far whenever a race has dropped off a suitable replacement has been found, but is it only a matter of time until we are forced to visit the same circuit twice?

Silverstone managing director, Stuart Pringle, has had his say on the possibility of a second race at Silverstone: “If we can help by having a race later in the season then we would be delighted to assist

Formula 1 deserve remarkable credit that they completed 17 races last year – the only global sport to have achieved such a feat – and I hope they can complete the calendar again.

“We haven’t been asked, and it’s not a conversation I’ve prompted, but if us hosting another race gets the championship to a sensible level, of course, we would help.”

In 2020 Silverstone was one of a number of venues to hold two races. The first race being one of the most memorable of the season as Lewis Hamilton won on three wheels, just imagine the scenes if 140,000 people were there to witness it. Limbs everywhere.

Some people have spoken out at how they’d like to see different layouts of the circuit used, but the most realistic option is Pirelli just switching the tyre compounds up, to try and force teams into a different strategy.

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