Mclaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has sent some encouraging words to a young F1 fan who has been a victim of bullying.

A message was posted on Twitter by the youngster’s parent explaining that bullies had stolen his Mclaren cap and stomped on it, leaving the boy with marks on his face. This came to the attention of Ricciardo, who responded by sending a positive message as well as the promise of a brand new cap.

“Sorry to hear this, but don’t stress buddy,” the Australian wrote on Twitter. “Makes you look tough! Bullies are the weak ones, don’t forget that.

“I’ll sort you out with a new hat and some other goodies. Stay up lil homie”

Mclaren themselves also reacted to the boy’s story and made it clear that, with the help of Ricciardo and Lando Norris, they would make sure that he would receive some new merchandise.

“To all the kind and wonderful fans out there who have supported this strong young man, we just want to let you know that together with @LandoNorris and @DanielRicciardo we’ve got him covered,” a Twitter post on the Mclaren account read.

“Bullying is a scourge and we stand with you all against it.”

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