The puncture and subsequent crash of Max Verstappen at the Baku Grand Prix will be fresh in the minds of many Formula 1 fans. Despite the speed of the car when the Dutchman lost control and the ferocity of the crash, the damage to the Red Bull car is not too bad, Motorsport reported earlier today.

“The car from the Milton Keynes plant has not reported any structural damage to the chassis,” reports the Italian branch of “However, the integrity of the transmission will need to be checked. If necessary, it can be replaced without penalty.”

“The left rear suspension is most likely damaged, this due to the sagging of the rubber.” There is still disagreement over what exactly caused the Dutchman’s puncture. Pirelli insists it was dirt on the track, an interpretation that several drivers have already questioned.

At the front of the car the damage is not too bad: “At the front it should be sufficient to replace the nose and front wing, because the body remained intact and at the rear only a dent in the structure was noticed.”

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