Valtteri Bottas has revealed that he has had no discussions with Mercedes over a new contract but that he expects such talks to take place soon.

The Finnish driver sees his deal with the Silver Arrows come to an end at the conclusion of his campaign and there has, naturally, been speculation around his future because of that.

Indeed, Mercedes product George Russell is being widely-touted as a future Merc driver and that could even come at the expense of Bottas, with 2022 potentially the year where the change happens.

Ultimately, though, we do not know for sure as to how things are going to play out and Bottas admits that there hasn’t been much in the way of dialogue so far with the team, though he expects that to change in the coming weeks

He said in his press conference ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix:

“We haven’t yet talked about anything, because this is being a pretty demanding championship and we know how much it matters to be able to work in peace, let’s say, when you can focus on the main thing, that is performance.

“But that time will come, for sure, it hasn’t been yet, but for sure time flies, especially as we’re soon going to go to triple headers. So I would imagine that, naturally, over the next month or so you need to start to speak and I know from previous experiences that the sooner you can sort things out, the better for everyone. It will come soon, but not yet.”

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