Toto Wolff the team principal of the Mercedes Formula 1 team has confirmed the former head of the German manufacturer’s F1 powertrains division will not join Red Bull’s latest venture.

With Honda set to depart the sport at the end of the season this year, Red Bull proceeded to buy Honda’s IP and set up the Red Bull Powertrains company. The past few weeks has seen the Austrian team poach a few members from the German team, though one individual who will not be joining them is Andy Cowell, the former head of the Mercedes powertrain division.

“I talk to Andy (Cowell) regularly. He just wants to do something different, not only be known for his work in Formula 1,” Wolff told members of the media.

“Andy has exciting ideas about technology and sustainability and he also said: ‘If I wanted to continue in Formula 1, I would have stayed with Mercedes.'”

The war between Mercedes and Red Bull has taken on a different flavour in recent weeks. Not only are the two teams fighting for supremacy on the race track but they are also locked in a tussle regarding team personnel in what could turn out to be an interesting subplot as the season progresses.

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