From 2022, Formula 1 hopes to have at least two test weeks prior to the new season. Ross Brawn believes that is necessary because of the major rule changes that will come into effect next season.

In 2021, teams and drivers were only given three test days to understand the new cars. This was partly because much of the cars remained the same and it saved money. In 2022 this could be changed again to at least two test weeks.

“I think for 2022 we will have a longer pre-season test or series of tests. Because with the new car we need to give the teams the time to understand and settle in,” Brawn said in conversation with The Muscle Help Foundation .

This year’s decision to have winter testing last only three days was not to the liking of many teams and drivers. “I think we are anticipating at least having two pre-season tests. So drivers that do change have a little bit more time and the teams will have more time to understand their cars,” Brawn concluded.

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